Our Story

We've always been advocates of healthy eating and that whole "you are what you eat" thing, but the story of The Coconut Cow really began when our lovely Mum was diagnosed with Dementia and Alzheimer's in early 2017. The journey up until that point had been a bumpy one- she had breast cancer four years earlier, and although she got the all-clear from that, the stress took its toll. The vibrant, fun and sparky woman we all knew was replaced by someone who was foggy, confused and lost. When the double whammy diagnosis of Dementia and Alzheimer's was delivered, our family was overcome with fear and sadness, knowing that she was slipping away before our eyes and before long wouldn't even know who we were. She was already forgetting people's names and how to undertake simple tasks and although she was there physically there her eyes seemed dark and empty, like they belonged to someone else.
An eternal optimist, I scoured the internet looking for ways to fight this cruel and indiscriminate disease, refusing to give up on the woman who had made it her number one priority to take care of my brother, Dad and me for so long. I already knew coconut oil was supposed to offer lots of health benefits, but it turned out that there were a few experts who said it was also a fantastic supplement for dementia sufferers.  A little sceptical but willing to try anyting, we started my mum with 5tsp of coconut oil a day and within just a few days there was a marked improvement in her memory, confidence and overall wellbeing.
Today, Mum has never been better. She takes her coconut oil every day, all served up in little pots of yogurt, and there's been a huge improvement in her memory. Better still, she's got her sparkle back and looks like Mum again.
Our story has been so positive that we want to share it, giving other families the chance to hold on to their loved ones just like we have. The Coconut Cow is not a big money grabbing corporation, it's a family affair built on love and hope. We do not claim that coconut oil is a miracle cure, but we do know it has changed our lives for the better. 
Thanks for joining us,